Press releases

  • CARS Transgender Trainings

    FORGE is offering six trainings in conjunction with the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division, Community Access to Recovery Services (CARS).  All trainings are customized for CARS staff and other mental health / substance use professionals Space is limited and CARS staff and allied agencies will be given first priority. Please click the link under each […]

  • Day 30 – Practice micro-inclusions all year long

    #30DaysOfAction . It’s the last day of our #30DaysOfAction series. We are grateful to everyone who read these posts and took actions to support (other) trans and non-binary individuals and our families. To close this year’s series, we would like to talk about micro-inclusions. You may have heard of micro-aggressions. They can be defined as […]

  • Day 29 – Visibly and materially support trans actions

    #30DaysOfAction . How easy is it to promote trans/non-binary rights and awareness just by walking through the world? Extremely!  You can wear t-shirts, buttons, hats, bracelets, ribbons, and even dress your dog in a t-shirt – all with pro-trans statements or at least the trans flag colors. You can also buy ‘congratulations on your transition’ […]

  • Day 28 – Remember to recognize the beauty of trans and non-binary people

    #30DaysOfAction . When FORGE first started training non-trans service professionals, we included pictures of trans people in our presentations because many people said they “don’t know what a trans person looks like.” The world has changed a lot since those days. Trans people have been on television, the cover of Time and other magazines, and […]

  • Day 27 – Giving Tuesday: Set up a recurring donation to a trans organization

    #30DaysOfAction . November 27, 2018 is Giving Tuesday, an excellent time to set up a recurring small (or large!) donation to your favorite trans-focused organization. Here are some national ones to consider: FORGE is the nation’s leading transgender anti-violence organization. Go to our main website,, and look for the donate button at top right […]

  • Day 26 – Pay attention to new developments

    #30DaysOfAction . In the current U.S. political environment, anti-trans policy changes and proposals are being put forward with alarming frequency. These developments often fly under the mainstream radar due to other new distressing developments that affect many more people. There are two primary reasons why we need to pay attention to these anti-trans developments. First […]

  • Day 25 – Make life better for incarcerated trans people

    #30DaysOfAction . Sixteen percent (16%) of transgender people have been in jail or prison [compared to 4.9% of American (non-trans) males and 0.5% of American (non-trans) females]. These rates skyrocket for American Indian trans people (30%) and African-American trans people (47%).  Seven percent (7%) reported being arrested or held in a cell strictly due to […]

  • Day 24 – Buy trans books, read trans books, donate trans books

    #30DaysOfAction . November 24, 2018 is Small Business Saturday, making this action step an opportunity to do several good deeds at once! Buy a trans book from a small publisher, read it, and then donate it so someone who cannot afford to buy their own books can benefit from yours. Here’s where to buy some […]

  • Day 23 – Access (or help a trans survivor access) healing resources

    #30DaysOfAction . People who have been the victims of a crime are more likely to experience more crimes. That fact makes healing trauma a prevention measure: healing can help you learn about safer behaviors and environments.   FORGE has many free online tools to help survivors and those around them learn what happens in trauma […]

  • Day 22 – Increase the trans-savviness of professionals you know

    #30DaysOfAction . One of the biggest reasons trans and non-binary people are underserved is that many of us avoid asking for help or services in case the people we ask for help turn out to be transphobic and/or ignorant of how to treat us respectfully.  Everyone can help fix this problem by ensuring that the […]