Referrals and support

photo of lily flowerPlease see the Wisconsin-specific FORGE website for more up-to-date information:


FORGE maintains resource lists for Wisconsin transgender people and SOFFAs. These referral lists are consumer-driven. That means the people you see, you like, you report as respectful and knowledgeable partners get added to the referral lists! (Our policy is to have 3 people recommend a provider before we contact the provider to ask them if they want to be included on our list.)

There are professionals out there who are working with transgender people we have not yet heard about, so don’t view these lists as representing all there is. (And if you use a provider who’s not on the appropriate list, please let us know!)


Trans people and loved ones tend to access therapists for 2 general reasons: 1) to obtain a letter for hormones or surgery (or other transgender-specific needs generated by others), or 2) to access support for depression, anxiety or other mental health concerns.

The therapists on FORGE’s list are equipped to work with people seeking therapy for either of these broad reasons (and many more).

View the Wisconsin Therapists List


Trans people and loved ones access physicians for a variety of reasons — trans-specific, or for general or specific health concerns. The physicians on FORGE’s referral list have worked with transgender clients, have prescribed hormones, and are familiar with transgender-specific health concerns. They are, of course, also adept at treating everything from common colds, to high blood pressure, to other conditions.

View the Wisconsin Physicians List


As more and more trans people are deciding to raise families – through adoption, surrogacy or other means – more and more birthworkers (midwives, doulas, etc.) are working directly with trans and gender non-conforming individuals and partners. This list of birthworkers was compiled by a volunteer (who is a birthworker!), who contacted every person on this list. Only the people who had direct experience or positively expressed interest in working with trans people have been included on this list.

View the Birthworkers in Wisconsin list

Alternative care providers

Many people seek health-supporting care from massage therapists, energy workers, acupuncturists, and other non-mainstream providers. Although the list is currently small, these providers are extremely trans-aware and gladly welcome working with transgender clients and loved ones.

[Coming soon]

Recommend a provider

Do you have a therapist, physician, surgeon, alternative medicine provider, or other professional you work with and want to recommend? Please contact us at info [at] forge-forward [dot] org and tell us about this provider and how we can reach them.

Feedback about a provider on one of the lists?

Do you have feedback about a provider you have worked with who is on one of the FORGE referral lists? We welcome both positive and negative feedback from you. We have been able to address concerns people have had with providers (when requested) and have, on rare occasions removed providers from the list if experiences have warranted removal.