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  • Make the World a Closer Place (Day 15)

    In these days of physical distancing, as well as in a world that has grown to be highly polarized, many folks are feeling silo’ed and isolated. Look for opportunities to connect with others in formal and informal ways.  It might be through a neighborhood community group, a place of worship, employment, or schools.  Can you find […]

  • Safety Planning (Day 14)

    Did you know that between around 50% of trans people experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime?  This data is from a November 2015 report from The Williams Institute, “Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Abuse Among LGBT People: A review of existing research.”  Remember: When intimate partner violence, stalking, or hate-motivated crimes occur…. It is […]

  • Participate in World Kindness Day (Day 13)

    Even though it was founded in 1998, there has probably never been a year that so called for World Kindness Day as 2020. World Kindness Day is a global effort to promote the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world. It’s not trans-specific, but its goal – help everyone […]

  • Use Non-Gendered Language (Day 12)

    We use gendered language all the time without thinking about it. From casually referring to groups as “you guys” to thanking “firemen” for the work they do, gendered terms are ingrained into our language. Sometimes this casual use feels okay and comfortable within our close social circles. But it’s always best, especially with people we […]

  • Support Trans Veterans (Day 11)

    Thank you for serving! Support trans vets today (and in the future). Many people are surprised to learn that transgender people are far more likely to be military veterans than most other population categories. As a whole, 20% of transgender people are veterans, compared to 7% of the general public. Trans elders are even more […]

  • Yard Signs, Stickers, and Symbols, Oh My! (Day 10)

    Throughout 2020, more and more people have put up yard signs and posters in their windows.  Declarations of basic human rights, social and racial justice, and validation of all people as equally deserving of rights and protection are filling neighborhoods across the country.  People are opting to express their core values in ways that are […]

  • Introduce Yourself With Your Pronouns (Day 9)

    An easy way to start changing our culture so that there is more room for people who don’t align with binary gender norms is by making it a habit to introduce yourself with your pronouns and ask other people theirs. One of the more frequent and more painful things that often happens to trans and […]

  • Become trauma-informed (Day 8)

    It’s been quite a year. There were massive political divisions and conflicts. COVID-19, of course, cost many families their loved ones, while others are still dealing with long-term COVID aftermaths. A quarter of U.S. adults reported that they or someone in their household was laid off or lost their job due to the pandemic. Many […]

  • Free a Bathroom from the Binary (Day 7)

    Free a bathroom from the binary. Many agencies and businesses have single use bathrooms.  Why not convert all of these to all-gender bathrooms (if you haven’t already)?  One recent study of trans people found that 70% have experienced verbal harassment, assault, or were denied access when attempting to use public restrooms. More than half – […]

  • Use social media to educate and support (Day 6)

    A reflection of the times, social media these days can feel more depressing than supportive. Each of us, though, can turn that around. Refuse to re-post negative news or opinions. Instead, re-post everything positive you find, and then create more! We especially encourage posts that value and spotlight trans resilience. If you or your trans […]