Referrals and information

Many survivors are unsure where to turn after they experience sexual assault, domestic violence, or hate violence.  Many initially seek services and support many months or years after the incident.

Finding support groups, therapists, advocates and supportive services can be challenging, if not daunting.  For survivors and loved ones who are transgender, it can be even more difficult.

In an ideal world, providers and services would be seamlessly able to work with transgender and non-transgender clients, serving all survivors and loved ones in supportive and appropriate ways.  Unfortunately, not all providers and services are experienced in both trauma and transgender issues.

FORGE has compiled a list of therapists who specialize in working with transgender individuals.  We have also compiled an even larger list of providers and service agencies who work with survivors of sexual assault.  Although we have not “vetted” all providers for their ability and comfort in serving trans survivors, we are in the process of screening and selecting individual providers and agencies that are a good fit for transgender survivors and loved ones.

If you would like a referral to a provider in your area, please contact FORGE (by phone: 414-559-2123 or email: AskFORGE [at] forge-forward [dot] org).