For Survivors

If you are a transgender, gender non-conforming, or SOFFA survivor of violence, you’re not alone. Data supports that over half of our community are survivors of sexual abuse, to name just one type of violence. Many of us have survived multiple types of violence.  Many of us don’t realize how much those traumas have shaped our lives and brains.

FORGE is working on several self-help guides that are designed to help you help yourself; you can read more about them here.  In the meantime, we can help you find a transgender-savvy therapist in your area (see “Referrals and Information”) and/or sign you up for a peer support listserv for transgender/gender non-conforming people and loved ones who are direct or “secondary” survivors. (Secondary survivors are those people who did not directly experience abuse or assault, but who are closely connected to the primary survivors.  Secondary survivors also need information and/or support.)

FORGE offers Writing to Heal workshops at a number of transgender conferences each year; you can check our events page to see if and/or when we will be in your area. We are also currently seeking additional resources to be able to offer another online Writing to Heal series; sign up for FORGE email notices here if you would like to be notified when we run the next one.