For Professionals

Resources you don’t want to miss

FORGE offers a robust array of training and technical assistance to professionals who provide any kind of service to transgender/gender non-conforming people and/or SOFFAs (Significant Others, Friends, Family, and Allies).  Materials that may be useful to any kind of professional include our Transgender 101 webinars and fact sheets.  Aging services providers will find a number of aging-specific documents here.  Wisconsin-based professionals may find our referral lists of use.

One of FORGE’s current specializations is working with victim service agencies, with a particular focus on agencies that address domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, and hate crimes.  Under a grant from the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), we are offering monthly training webinars for professionals, and a monthly written FAQ sheets.  Both are designed to provide both basic and more advanced training on working with transgender survivors of crime.

FORGE also offers a range of conference workshops specifically designed for practical use by victim service professionals. We are also open to developing new ones specific to your organization’s needs.  We would also be happy to talk to you about designing a more intensive training for your agency or coalition.

In addition to our free publications, webinars, and conference workshops, we also offer individualized technical assistance on a wide range of topics related to serving transgender people.  You can access our technical assistance via:

Email:  AskFORGE [at] forge-forward [dot] org

Phone: 414-559-2123

Mail: FORGE, P.O. Box 1272, Milwaukee, WI  53201