Over 100 people attended the Peaceful Rally for Justice, Rights, & Respect on Saturday, October 23, 2010 to

  • Honor the loss of these vibrant individuals.
  • March in solidarity for justice and respect.
  • Listen to passionate speeches.
  • Support those who have been personally affected.
  • Build a stronger community that cares.
  • Envision a world without violence and discrimination.

The Rally was held in response to widespread bullying, suicide, and murder within our community/ies.

  • Chanel Larkin, an African-American transgender woman, was murdered in Milwaukee on May 7, 2010.
  • Three other African-American LGBT deaths since May 2010 (hit and run, robbery, intimate partner violence).
  • Nearly a dozen youth in the past 2 months have committed suicide after being harassed and bullied by schoolmates for being (or being perceived as) LGBT.

These tragedies have similar roots in a society…
…that is racist;
…that denies LGBT people basic human rights;
…that allows too many African-American and/or LGBT students to drop out of school (or die) before completing their education; and
…that does not stop bullying, discrimination, and prejudice whenever and wherever it happens, be that at home, school, religious institution, neighborhood or nation.

The speakers at the rally included:

Each speech is rich with unique perspectives and full of passion for the injustices we face and also full compassion for the victims and the surviving loved ones.