Aging Projects

National Resource Center on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Aging is very proud to be a partner in the first federally funded LGBT resource center, the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging. TAN is one of 11 partners, and is specifically tasked with identifying and/or developing transgender-specific materials and helping conduct trainings. Consensus curriculums have been developed for aging services providers about LGBT issues, and for LGBT organizations about aging issues, and are available in 4-hour and 8-hour formats. If you would like to talk about sponsoring a training at your site, email LoreeCD [at] aol [dot] com, or contact the Center directly. The Center website also hosts a rapidly-growing collection of resources; make sure you check it out:

Gray Pride Parade

FORGE’s LGBT aging blog is at This blog serves as a platform to inform and connect LGBT aging activists and has strong emphases on policy issues and disseminating promising practices. It is also home to Have You Thanked, a twitter-based campaign to begin shifting people’s beliefs that aging is a time of losses, particularly of “independence.” Instead, Have You Thanked argues, aging is just a continuation of our moment-by-moment, lifelong pattern of choosing where we will focus, leaving the rest to the countless others who knowingly and unknowingly support us.

National LGBT Aging Roundtable

TAN is an active member of the National LGBT Aging Roundtable, which holds monthly teleconferences and annual in-person meetings to identify and work toward achieving policy changes that could improve the quality of life for LGBT older adults. The Roundtable also sponsors an annual Aging Intensive at the Creating Change conference ( TAN also “caucuses” with Midwest LGBT aging organizations to share best practices and identify and pursue opportunities to change policies or practices to better serve LGBT older adults.

Arcus Foundation Policy Activities

TAN is very grateful to the Arcus Foundation ( for recognizing the uniquely important role TAN plays in national discussions and projects concerning LGBT elders: often TAN is the only transgender voice in the room. To ensure that the “T” in “LGBT” isn’t silent when it comes to aging issues, Arcus has generously provided TAN with funding to enable us to attend these crucial meetings (2009-2011). As part of this policy work, TAN is participating in the LGBT National Policy Roundtable (…) and the New Beginnings Initiative (

Caring and Aging with Pride

The National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Aging is funding this groundbreaking national project to better understand the health and needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender older adults. TAN has partnered with the study’s sponsor, the Institute for Multigenerational Health at the University of Washington, and the study’s principal investigator, Dr. Karen I. Fredriksen-Goldsen, to ensure transgender elders take the survey and to help analyze the results. The data collection period has closed, and a report is expected out later this year. To learn more about the project, its website is