Supporters and Partners

FORGE is grateful for our many supporters, who allow us to continue to do the work so vitally needed.

Federal Funders

Office of Violence Against Women – (Grants for Outreach and Services to Underserved Populations Program cooperative agreement) 2015 – 2018

Office of Violence Against Women – (Training and Technical Assistance cooperative agreement) 2013 – 2016

Office of Violence Against Women – (Training and Technical Assistance cooperative agreement) 2011 – 2014

Office for Victims of Crime – (Demonstration project and publications) 2009 – 2012

Office of Violence Against Women – (Sexual Assault Service Program award) 2009 – 2012

Office of Violence Against Women – (Sexual Assault Service Program award) 2012 – 2015

Administration on Aging (National Resource Clearinghouse on LGBT Aging) – 2010 – 2013

Office for Victims of Crime – HOPE II (2009)

Office for Victims of Crime – HOPE I (2006)


Foundations & other grants

Arcus Foundation

Cream City Foundation

New Beginnings Initiative

Non-Profit Management Fund


Wisconsin AIDS Fund

Individual donors:

We appreciate the many individual donors who make it possible for FORGE to provide many of the not-otherwise funded programs available to transgender individuals, SOFFAs, service providers and other professionals.

Contributors/Contract work

International Association of Forensic Nurses

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence


American Society on Aging

Met Life

In kind contribution:

Many generous individuals and organizations have contributed their time or resources at no cost, or in kind. We could not provide the quality services we do, without their help.



FORGE would not be able to carry out our work without the help of many partnering organizations. We are grateful for the many people and organizations we have the privilege of working with. The following are just some of these outstanding organizations and committees…


1in6  (national)

International Association of Forensic Nurses (International)

Manpower, Inc. (International)

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (national)

National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (national)

FORGE was the first national and first transgender-specific member of the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, a coalition of more than 40 organizations serving LGBT victims of violence.

National LGBT Aging Roundtable (national)

FORGE’s Transgender Aging Network (TAN) is an active member of the National LGBT Aging Roundtable, which holds monthly teleconferences and annual in-person meetings to identify and work toward achieving policy changes that could improve the quality of life for LGBT older adults. The Roundtable also sponsors an annual Aging Intensive at the Creating Change conference ( TAN also “caucuses” with Midwest LGBT aging organizations to share best practices and identify and pursue opportunities to change policies or practices to better serve LGBT older adults.

National LGBT Policy Roundtable (national)

FORGE is part of the National LGBT Policy Roundtable, which meets in person and by phone to: strengthen relationships between national LGBT organizations leaders; brief LGBT organization leaders on policy issues of common concern; strategize about pending challenges to the LGBT movement and mechanisms for response; and generate collaborative efforts among national LGBT organizations and associations.

National Resource Center on LGBT Aging (national)

FORGE’s Transgender Aging Network (TAN) is honored to be one of SAGE’s 10 partners in the groundbreaking, federally-funded National Resource Center on LGBT Aging (the “Center”). TAN is one of the “training partners,” empowered to present any of four, 4-hour workshops. Two of the workshops are for LGBT organizations wishing to improve their services and programming for older adults, and two are for the aging network, to help it better serve its LGBT constituents. (If you’re interested in sponsoring one or more of these trainings, contact FORGE.) We also assist the Center in developing its resource and reference materials, including those aimed at helping LGBT individuals plan for their future aging and long-term care needs. To find out more or to sign up for regular email updates on Center activities, go to

New Beginnings Initiative (national)

FORGE is a member of the New Beginnings Initiative, an unprecedented collaboration of LGBT and allied organizations that have joined together to identify and press for pro-LGBT public policy changes the Obama administration can implement directly through federal agencies, without requiring Congressional approval.

Regional / Local

Community Health Workers Committee (Milwaukee)

This collaboration is developing a new cadre of health workers, trained to do health prevention and health navigation work in a variety of Milwaukee communities and populations.

Diverse and Resilient (Milwaukee)

Diverse & Resilient is one of FORGE’s partners in our transgender jobs program.

Diverse and Resilient‘s LGBT Intimate Partner Violence Advisory Committee (Wisconsin)

FORGE Executive Director michael munson serves on the LGBT Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Advisory Committee of a federally-funded project sponsored by Diverse & Resilient to increase recognition of the high incidence of IPV with LGBT communities and increase the capacity of LGBT and mainstream partners to address IPV as a critical health issues within LGBT populations. The project is developing a website with mental health resources available to LGBT individuals and couples; increasing the capacity of LGBT organizations, groups and individual leaders to respond to IPV within LGBT communities; and working with mainstream IPV providers to increase their ability to provide culturally-competent IPV services to LGBT people.

Froedtert hospital community advisory board (Milwaukee)

FORGE provides a transgender voice and expertise to the community advisory board of this large Milwaukee health care provider.

Homicide Review Team (Milwaukee)

Milwaukee has a nearly unique community-based homicide review team that helps identify measures the community can take to reduce the number of homicides. FORGE provides a transgender voice and expertise where useful.

Lesbian Alliance (Milwaukee)

Lesbian Alliance and FORGE go way back together, having partnered on numerous events and projects.

Midwest LGBT Aging programs (regional)

Midwest participants in the National LGBT Aging Roundtable (see above) meet by phone monthly to share ideas and coordinate projects.

Milwaukee LGBT Community Center (Milwaukee)

FORGE’s meetings are held at the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, and we partner with the Center on multiple events and projects every year.

Milwaukee LGBT Film and Video Festival (Milwaukee)

Milwaukee’s LGBT Film and Video Festival is a highlight of our community’s year, and FORGE proudly sponsors many of its transgender offerings, including hosting talk-backs.

Pridefest Health and Wellness Committee (Milwaukee)

Milwaukee’s PrideFest is a huge, outdoor, 3-day event held every year at the Summerfest Festival Grounds in early June. FORGE proudly co-sponsors PrideFest’s Health and Wellness Section. This growing effort offers free booth space and publicity to LGBT organizations that agree to sponsor interactive activities designed to increase participants’ awareness of healthy behaviors. It’s a creative, fun way to let our LGBT community know that it matters to us that they be healthy enough to stick around for a long while to come. The Health and Wellness Committee meets monthly (roughly) from January through June.

SHEBA, a program of Diverse and Resilient (Milwaukee)

SHEBA members were integrally involved in the Community Cares program that FORGE initiated after the death of Milwaukee transwoman (and SHEBA member) Chanel Larkin. We’re using this base to build further FORGE-SHEBA collaborations.

Budding Partnerships

These are our partners-in-waiting. Each has partnered with us on at least one large pending funding proposal.


Guest Speakers

  • Nyle Biondi
  • Helen Boyd
  • Steven Brown
  • Carla Clemons
  • Brenda Coley
  • Pat Connors
  • Cary Costello & Beta
  • Jim Cosenza
  • Lynn Edwards
  • Carol Feuerstein
  • Laura Grimes
  • Kara Luening
  • Dr. Toby Meltzer
  • Gwen Moore
  • Tina Owens
  • Barbara Richards
  • Mark Robers
  • Laura Sette
  • Brice Smith
  • Dr. Paul Steinwald
  • Nikki Taylor
  • Wendy Woodruff
  • Dr. Kortney Ziegler