Wisconsin Projects

Social Support Meetings

Since 1994, FORGE has been sponsoring peer support and information meetings for Wisconsin (and beyond) transgender people and SOFFAs.  Read more here.


PrideFest Health and Wellness Committee

In 2009 and 2010, FORGE was very proud to co-sponsor the Health and Wellness Section at Milwaukee’s PrideFest.  While we could not take the same role in 2012, we hope to sponsor again in 2013, and urge everyone to attend this year’s Pridefest, June 8-10, 2012, at the Summerfest grounds.

Diverse & Resilient’s LGBT Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Advisory Committee

FORGE Executive Director michael munson serves on the advisory committee of a federally-funded project sponsored by Diverse & Resilient to increase recognition of the high incidence of IPV with LGBT communities. This project has resulted in a website at http://www.rm2bsafe.org/


Milwaukee Police Department Homicide Review Team

In the wake of the 2010 murders of Chanel Larkin and Rosalyn Ross, FORGE was recruited to be part of the Milwaukee Police Department’s Homicide Review Team. This multidisciplinary coalition meets monthly to review solved murders to identify where there were opportunities to have prevented the crime.


Community Cares

After the May 7, 2010, murder of Milwaukee transgender woman Chanel Larkin, FORGE initiated a months-long set of activities designed to support, empower, and educate the community.  Read more here.


Transgender Employment Project

In the wake of transwoman Chanel Larkin’s murder, several African-American transgender women approached FORGE and asked for our help in finding them regular employment so they could quit working the streets. While this project is no longer active, it produced some resources for job-seekers, and developed a strong relationship with Manpower Group (who continues to provider professional job placement for transgender and SOFFA individuals).