Day 5: Revel in trans beauty

When FORGE first started training non-trans service professionals, we included pictures of trans people (with their overt permission!) in our presentations because many providers said they “didn’t know what a trans person looks like.” The world has changed a lot since those days. Trans people are main and secondary characters on TV and in films; are on the covers of mainstream magazines; are part of presidential candidates who talk about and care about trans lives; and are regularly in the news. In the last few years, a number of photographers have published collections of trans and non-binary people. Take a moment to look at some of these amazing collections and revel in our diversity and beauty.

Trans families:

Trans men:

Trans women:

Non-binary individuals:

Trans and non-binary children and youth:

Transgender elders:

Trans and non-binary survivors and supporters:

There are also plenty of inspiring videos, too!  Here are some of our favorites:

And just a reminder about self-love and body-positivity!

Take Action!

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