LGBTQ Youth Bystander Video Project

About this project: FORGE, a 25 year old transgender anti-violence organization, is undertaking a project designed to encourage people to support the well-being of LGBTQ children and youth by providing encouragement and support. We are collecting short videos, photos, and/or stories that showcase how an adult supported an LGBTQ person who was a child/youth at the time. These stories can be about parents, other relatives, family friends, school teachers or officials, coaches, scout leaders…whomever. We ask that the stories be explicit about what the adult did to support you as an LGBTQ child/youth, and how that made a difference in your life.


  1. Submit your story as a video, an audio recording, or in written form. Tell us what we need to know to understand exactly what the adult did and how it made a difference for you. There are no length limits, but the shorter the piece, the more places we might be able to use it.  (If you had more than one helpful adult, you can send in multiple entries!)
  2. To protect people’s privacy, please avoid naming the adult involved. (You can always send your submission to the person as a thank you, if you want.) Instead, describe their role: your teacher, a coach, your next-door neighbor, a store clerk, etc.
  3. There is no compensation for these stories. This project is to “pay it forward” and help other adults learn how to better support LGBTQ children and teens.
  4. Submissions can be in any video (or written) file format and submitted to the google form in the link below by July 20, 2019, which will also give your permission to use your story.

Submit your video here!