Day 29 – Visibly and materially support trans actions



How easy is it to promote trans/non-binary rights and awareness just by walking through the world? Extremely!  You can wear t-shirts, buttons, hats, bracelets, ribbons, and even dress your dog in a t-shirt – all with pro-trans statements or at least the trans flag colors. You can also buy ‘congratulations on your transition’ cards, holiday ornaments, cups, a tiny octopus crocheted in the trans flag colors, puzzles, pronoun pins, and so much more to give friends or keep for yourself. Two of the best collections are available from:

In both cases, search for “transgender,” with or without additional modifiers (each of these words turned up different collections) like gifts, products, t-shirts. Some of the artists that created these products are trans or non-binary themselves, doubling the “trans support” impact of your action.

Another easy way to support trans and non-binary people is to support public events and actions. More and more of these are being advertised on social media, and it will only take seconds for you to help the organizers by a quick re-posting to your own network. If you can’t attend one of these events yourself, consider sending $5 or more to the organizers; even paper for making signs costs money, and some events require renting microphones or paying for permits or space rental. The amount you can contribute is nowhere near as important as the tangible show of support.

Take Action!

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