Day 26 – Pay attention to new developments



In the current U.S. political environment, anti-trans policy changes and proposals are being put forward with alarming frequency. These developments often fly under the mainstream radar due to other new distressing developments that affect many more people. There are two primary reasons why we need to pay attention to these anti-trans developments. First is their impact on trans and non-binary individuals, who often get the news through social media and may feel profoundly depressed and discouraged as a result. Whenever possible, reach out to individual trans people and trans organizations that you know when new developments occur, just to remind them that they are thought about and valued. You don’t even need to reference the news; the point is to provide reassurance and a “counter-narrative” to trans and non-binary individuals facing a new attack that there are people who are deeply grateful they are in the world. The second reason to pay attention to new developments is that responding to them publicly has sometimes resulted in the policies being stopped in their tracks.

A good example is the spate of “bathroom bills” that many states were considering that would make it a crime for a trans person to use the public restroom that aligned with their gender identity. After a massively expensive corporate, sports, and visitor boycott of North Carolina when it passed an anti-trans bathroom bill, other states have thought twice about proposing similar bills. A loud public backlash may prove similarly effective against the recently-leaked Administration provision to try to re-define laws protecting against sex discrimination so that they may not be used to protect trans and LGB people.

There are several ways to keep up on the news. The best policy advocacy group the trans community has is the National Center for Transgender Equality. Their Facebook page ( has daily updates. Their webpage ( is not as frequently updated, but does include numerous places where a visitor can easily take action to support or oppose a pending policy (see, especially, and the “Get Involved” section of the homepage).

The Transgender Law Center often tracks developments outside of the U.S. as well as inside it.Their Facebook page is at and their website is

If you are a bit of a news junkie and are interested in trans and non-binary people in the news in general, there is a 16-year-old, free news compilation service. Whole articles (frequently a dozen or more a day) are sent to you via individual emails or daily digests. The compiler is currently on a health leave, but expects to return. Find out more or sign up at:


And, of course, you can tailor your own news notification service through many platforms. For Google, for instance, go to and set up the parameters for what notifications you would like to have sent to your email.

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