Day 24 – Buy trans books, read trans books, donate trans books



November 24, 2018 is Small Business Saturday, making this action step an opportunity to do several good deeds at once! Buy a trans book from a small publisher, read it, and then donate it so someone who cannot afford to buy their own books can benefit from yours.

Here’s where to buy some trans books directly from the publishers:

Once you’ve read your book, consider donating it to a local or school library or an LGBT library or Center (you can look up your nearest Center at

A particularly useful buy and donation would be books for children and youth. Here are some lists:

You could also consider books for parents of trans kids:

These books would also be wonderful donations to school or local libraries. You also might consider donating them to places like domestic violence shelters, who can use them to help families encountering trans/non-binary people for the first time. You can find one near you here:  If you buy To Survive on This Shore, a picture book of trans elders, consider donating that one to a local senior center.

(Want more information on Small Business Saturday?  Check out



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