Day 22 – Increase the trans-savviness of professionals you know



One of the biggest reasons trans and non-binary people are underserved is that many of us avoid asking for help or services in case the people we ask for help turn out to be transphobic and/or ignorant of how to treat us respectfully.  Everyone can help fix this problem by ensuring that the professionals know that trainings and publications exist that can help them serve their trans and non-binary clients better and more respectfully.

FORGE’s primary website is our online resource clearinghouse, with many dozen free publications and more than 70 hours of free online training webinars aimed at victim service professionals. Many of these resources would also be of use to other types of professionals, as well. We are particularly proud of our collection of materials aimed at increasing shelters’ ability to serve people of all genders. In addition to the resources available online, we can also provide tailored trainings and technical assistance to agencies and professionals that serve victims of crime. Email us or call 414-559-2123.  [We also in-person trainings across the country at public conferences, as well as through organizations that sometimes open their trainings up to other professionals.]

If a professional you know is located in or near Wisconsin, we have two upcoming in-person trainings that may be of interest.  On Tuesday, December 4, 2018, in Milwaukee, WI we are offering an all-day training for therapists, social workers, and other mental health professionals who work with trans and non-binary community members. To make it available to more people, the training will be repeated on Wednesday, December 5, 2018.

We are also offering corporate human resources personnel, LGBTQ employee affinity groups, diversity/inclusion professionals, labor and employment attorneys, and anyone else with an interest in ensuring that workplaces are respectful and inclusive a half-day training in Milwaukee on Thursday, December 6, 2018. This training will be offered by FORGE’s newest employee, Shelley Gregory, JD, and will cover such topics as employer legal obligations, employee privacy rights, trans-inclusive insurance policies, restroom access, and much more.

To find out more about the December Milwaukee in-person training events, go to

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