Day 14 – Help a low-income trans/non-binary person obtain a phone



SafeLink – Free Cell Phone

It’s almost impossible to live without a cell phone — applying for jobs, daycare emergencies, contacting family and friends, managing medical and other appointments – all require a phone.   Because many trans and non-binary individuals live below the poverty line, getting access to a cell phone may be difficult, which increases the likelihood of not being able to secure a job, receive important calls, address family or work business, or stay safer by having access to emergency contacts.  SafeLink offers free cell phones to those who qualify!

Action Steps:

  • Share this information with trans and non-binary people in your life who may need it.
  • Give this information to local LGBTQ shelters and trans organizations so that they may post fliers or circulate the information to their local trans community.
  • Add the (fairly low-cost) rates to your LGBTQ Center’s donation wish list and encourage your friends to sponsor phones for others!

Apply on the SafeLink website


Take Action!

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