Day 13 – Participate in World Kindness Day



No one we know has had a good year. What better time, then, to recognize November 13, 2018 as World Kindness Day?

The goal of World Kindness Day (and the Foundation that sponsors it) is “make kindness the norm.” The invitation is to intentionally “begin building a new routine which means including intentional moments of kindness, laughter and delight. It also means taking a moment to enjoy and recognize when those things are happening.” They go on, “Kindness starts with one. One smile. One compliment. One cup of coffee. One conversation.”

Starting is as easy as reposting this, changing your profile picture or posting a meme (there are options here: ), or smiling at the first (maybe even every?) person you see.

#WorldKindnessDay suggests 7 ways to start making kindness the norm in your life:

  1. Send an uplifting text to a friend or family member
  2. Let that person merge into traffic with a wave and a smile
  3. Include intentional moments of kindness, laughter and delight in your daily routine
  4. Go slightly outside of your comfort zone at least once a day to make someone smile
  5. Share a compliment with a co-worker or friend
  6. Reach out to a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while (family of choice or origin)
  7. Treat someone to a cup of coffee (a friend, stranger, or even yourself)

Why are we including this option in a list that is specifically about taking #30daysofaction related to trans people? It’s pretty simple: all humans can benefit. Also, it’s 2018!


Take Action!

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