Day 12 – Use your social media to educate and support



Social media is one of the easiest and most effective ways we have to raise awareness of and support for trans and non-binary individuals and families. Re-post what shows up on your own timeline or make your own posts.

[You do follow trans groups like FORGE and the National Center for Transgender Equality, don’t you?]

Both organizations and individuals can make a big difference in trans peoples’ lives by simply sharing and raising the visibility of trans issues through your own social media outlets.  If you are an organization, consider scheduling one trans-related social media post each month (or even each week!).  All of us can uplift posts and hashtags that raise awareness, show support, normalize trans issues, and change culture.

Have you posted using these hashtags? #WontBeErased ?  Or #TransToo or #TransIsBeautiful  Use one of these tags and post today!

Take Action!

#30DaysOfAction #TDOR #Trans