Day 1 – Reach out to a trans person you know



It’s been an ( &x^F#@…expletive deleted) year or two for many of us. That is especially true for those of us who are trans or non-binary. We’ve watched our rights be eroded, listened to elected officials denigrate us, and been presented as a danger to our neighbors. All of this has taken a toll. If you can take only one action during our #30daysofaction, make it reaching out to a person in the trans community that you know. You don’t need to apologize or sympathize or think of something witty to say. Simply call to check in. Offer to go out for coffee. Invite them to attend a movie. Send them an “I’m thinking of you” card or meme. Let them know with your actions that you know they exist, you know the times are hard, and that you care about them.

Take Action!

#30DaysOfAction #TDOR #Trans