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  • Supporting Trans Victims of Crime (compiled)

    • Date: June 1st, 2017
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    Resources for friends, loved ones, and community members Trans and non-binary people experience high rates of violence and victimization (including bullying, sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and hate-motivated bias). We all lean on loved ones, friends, colleagues, and professionals, especially during difficult times.  Knowing how to best support trans and non-binary loved ones and friends […]

  • Healing From Trauma (compiled)

    The vast majority of trans and non-binary individuals have experienced violence, abuse, or crime in their lifetime.  These kinds of traumas can leave scars that may last a long time.  It is never too late to begin or continue healing. Remember: It wasn’t your fault You deserve to be treated with respect All of your […]

  • Bathrooms Resources (compiled)

    All people deserve the right to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender.  Unfortunately, all too often, trans and non-binary people are denied access to public restrooms through legislation or by individuals who decide to police entry. These unjust practices make it difficult for trans people to simply go about their daily lives. Did […]