Making a Difference

Since the election and inauguration of President Donald Trump, many Americans are realizing that they can no longer ignore their government’s actions: democracy demands involvement. If this describes you, here are some ways to learn more about what you can do to influence your elected officials, and how you can find others to work with you.

The Indivisible Guide was written by former Congressional legislative aides, distilling what they learned from being on the receiving end of Tea Party activism. The guide is free, easy to read, and extremely practical about ways to effectively influence your elected representatives. Their website also links to thousands of local groups that are sponsoring coordinated actions to influence elected officials. Indivisible Guide has also partnered with MoveOn (see below) and Working Families Party to begin sponsoring national trainings and actions.

The January 21 women’s marches are not over; they’ve morphed into coordinated actions. This website will tell you how to participate in simple but effective actions to influence your elected officials.

MoveOn is a multi-faceted progressive organization that provides news and analyses as well as action opportunities.

NCTE is the trans/non-binary community’s leading political advocacy organization. If you want to concentrate all of your efforts on trans issues specifically, bookmark this website to keep up with the latest advocacy opportunities.


There are many other organizations that are working to counter anti-LGBT, anti-immigrant, anti-POC, anti-Muslim, and other regressive political efforts. If there’s one you particularly like, share it on FORGE’s Facebook page —