Day 3 – Support homeless trans people


Support Homeless Trans People

Homelessness is a trans issue.  1 in 5 trans have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives because they were transgender or gender non-conforming. Many trans people who attempt to access shelter are denied, assaulted, or discriminated against. The 2011 Injustice At Every Turn report noted that, “Respondents who have experienced homelessness were highly vulnerable to mistreatment in public settings, police abuse and negative health outcomes.”

When a trans veteran is put on the street; a trans youth is thrown out of their home and has to couch surf; or a genderqueer person is fired from their job and has to trade sex for a warm place to stay, their risks for street assault, sexual violence, and human trafficking increases exponentially.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • If you know a trans or gender non-binary friend is experiencing housing discrimination, offer to help them document their case and help them find legal resources in their community.  Contact the Transgender Law Center to see if they or someone they know can help you in your case:
  • If you know someone is on the verge of homelessness and you feel comfortable, offer them a place to stay until they are on firmer ground.  Sometimes a person needs to hear they have options in order to feel less alone and more confident in their ability to make it through a rough time.
  • Learn more from multiple resources on the National Center for Transgender Equality’s website, in their Housing and Homelessness section:
  • Support and donate to LGBTQ youth homeless facilities.  There are not many of these shelters across the country but if you have one close to you, please consider showing them your support.  We listed a few below, but be sure to check with your local trans or LGBT organization to see if you have an LGBTQ-specific youth shelter in your area, or a shelter that is LGBTQ-friendly.
  • Learn about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and how you can support it in your state.  NCTE has written a quick fact sheet that you can download here:


Take Action!

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