Community leaders stand for LGBTQ inclusion – MKE Pride

May 5, 2016

:: For Immediate Release::


FORGE and Milwaukee partner organizations, respond to recent Milwaukee Pride Parade news.

We believe in a world where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals can live out, proud and authentic lives, without fear of bullying, discrimination or exclusion.

Milwaukee_Pride_Parade_WEB_jpeg_400x400-300x300We believe in a world where our resilient LGBTQ community celebrates its differences as well as its sameness, while closely collaborating to overcome adversity, and achieve true equality and progress for all.

When we are divided, we cannot thrive.  Currently, over 100 discriminatory bills are pending in 22 states –- including Wisconsin – that would limit the rights of LGBTQ people to live proud.  Transgender peoples’ basic human and civil rights to literally exist are under attack – by public officials, legislators, and people within our own community.  But make no mistake: these attacks threaten to diminish and dehumanize us all.

At this critical moment, LGBTQ organizations have a responsibility and accountability to represent the full diversity of the communities that we serve.  Our world is changing and we ourselves must adapt, learn and grow with these changes.  We must be the change that we want to see in our world, even when being that change involves difficult decisions and courageous conversations.

That being said, we applaud the Milwaukee Pride Parade’s mission to represent the full spectrum of LGBTQ individuals, and specifically, their outspoken support for transgender inclusion, engagement and advocacy.  We recognize that any Grand Marshall representing the Milwaukee Pride Parade must demonstrate these same inclusive values.

We believe that we are always strongest together. And we look forward to a Milwaukee pride weekend that demonstrates the triumphant togetherness of our local LGBTQ community.

Yours with pride,

Cream City Foundation
Diverse & Resilient
Milwaukee LGBT Community Center
Milwaukee Pride, Inc.