Sexual Assault Awareness Month – 2016

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (#SAAM). FORGE invites you to participate in it with us. We have four suggestions on how to join in.


1. Color!

In March we held a very successful contest inviting artists to create an umbrella image that people could color. Although we did rank the submissions and award prizes, we are very pleased to share the top 6 submissions with you.  Choose whichever one(s) you like best, color, and upload your creation to social media during April. Please add the hashtag #SAAMTransUmbrella and tag @FORGEforward (Twitter), @FORGE.trans (Facebook), @forge_forward (Instagram) to make sure everyone notices them and can appreciate the beauty you are adding to the world.

2. Write!

FORGE provides direct services to transgender survivors of sexual violence, and we also train service providers on how to provide culturally-appropriate services to transgender and gender non-binary survivors. If you prefer writing to coloring (or want to put the two together), we suggest writing (and posting to social media) on the following themes or questions:

  1. Service providers: “How do you help transgender survivors weather the storms?”
  2. Trans survivors, loved ones, and supporters: “When it rains….”

Of course, as always FORGE encourages people to not be constrained by guidelines: if there’s something else you’d like to say, write it! You can send it to us at AskFORGE [at] FORGE-forward [dot] org and/or post your words to social media. Add the hashtag #SAAM-Trans and tag tag @FORGEforward (Twitter), @FORGE.trans (Facebook), @forge_forward (Instagram) to make sure we see it and can boost your signal.

3. Share!

We’ve put together a selection of pre-designed #SAAM posts that we encourage you to take and repost to your own social media platforms. Although some of us know a lot (sometimes, way too much) about sexual assault, many more people need to be made aware of the impact of sexual assault on the transgender community. By simply reposting, you can contribute to that needed public education effort.

4. Learn!

During #SAAM, FORGE will be tweeting frequently and making daily Facebook and Instagram. The posts will highlight existing FORGE resources for both service providers and survivors, advertise upcoming training opportunities, and share useful and inspiring ideas. Make sure you are subscribed to our social media platforms and keep an eye out for #SAAMTransUmbrella posts.
You can find FORGE online at:
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