Syd Robinson


1.For people who don’t already know you, please share a little about yourself, your work, and/or your activism.

My name is Syd Robinson. Actor, performer, public speaker. Through my work on Transgender justice advocacy, I was honored with a Trans 100 listing in 2014. Working and acting keep my life pretty busy! Most recently, I played the role of Joseph in Langston Hughes’ well known stage production, Black Nativity.


2. Many things shape who we are. What is one person or event or experience that has empowered you?

In my life, coming out is a continuous process and one that I feel is very empowering. At this point in my transition journey, my gender expression is very rarely questioned. So, when I’m in the presence of someone who has very little accurate information about Trans and Gender non-conforming people, and I let them know that I am a man of trans experience and actually we’re not so out of the ordinary, there’s usually a moment of shock and disbelief. But those are the teachable moments that I want to take advantage of. In those moments, and in my own small way, I try to bridge the gap between misunderstanding/othering and real life experience/acceptance.


3. What is a piece of Black Trans History that you want to make sure others know about and don’t forget? (person, event, cultural development, trend, ___?)

Trans people of color and our allies would be wise to continuously research and reference our history. The shortest month of the year isn’t enough time to appreciate all that we’ve endured, ways we’ve triumphed, and the journey we’re on today. As transgender rights activist, and TransGriot blogger, Monica Roberts once wrote:

Much of the reasons we need to know our history is not only for our own knowledge and edification, but to point out we’re intertwined with and share a common history and culture with cis African-Americans.” and the world.


How to connect and learn more about Syd Robinson:

Syd Robinson

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