Chandi Moore


1.For people who don’t already know you, please share a little about yourself, your work, and/or your activism.

I’m a trans woman of color who enjoys movies and shopping for shoes. I currently work at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles for a trans and gender non conforming program called blush. I do HIV testing and counseling along with facilitating groups for youth twice a week. My activism evolves around awareness and rights for trans people. It feels so good to see youth able to transition at a much younger age which is something I thought I would never see in the African American community. Change is coming. It might not be as quick as we’d like but the time is here.


2. Many things shape who we are. What is one person or event or experience that has empowered you?

I get my strength from two of the most powerful women on the planet in my eyes. My mom and Beyonce. Standing up for what you believe in and being passionate about your work is what empowers me as I see these strong women navigate through the world.


3. What is a piece of Black Trans History that you want to make sure others know about and don’t forget? (person, event, cultural development, trend, ___?)

Seeing Laverne Cox on the cover of the Time magazine still gives me chills. That is a moment that reminds me that a lot of the hard work that those like Marsha P, Miss Majors , Valerie Spencer and all of those who have been on the battle field to make a difference in this world see the main stream embracing us.


How to connect and learn more about Chandi Moore:

Chandi Moore

Los Angeles, CA

chmoore [at] chla [dot] usc [dot] edu

Twitter: @transdivachandi

Instagram: @transdivachandi

Facebook: chandi moore


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