Tiq Milan

 Tiq Milan

1.For people who don’t already know you, please share a little about yourself, your work, and/or your activism.

I’m a writer and advocate. I’ve worked in and for the lgbt community in different capacities. From media strategy and national spokesperson to a youth mentor and teacher I’ve been heavily involved in the community for over a decade. As a Black transguy, it’s important to me to use my platforms to bring visibility to our lived experiences as well as the systemic issues that face the trans communities of color. I speak at different schools across the country sharing my story and I’m writing a book, Man Of My Design.


2. Many things shape who we are. What is one person or event or experience that has empowered you?

I’m empowered by the memory of my mother’s love.  She and I were the best of friends. She stuck by me and loved me even when she didn’t understand me. She showed me unconditional love, patients and openness. She set such a great example of what it meant to be loving person not just to your circle of people but to the world, and I try to live by her example everyday.


3. What is a piece of Black Trans History that you want to make sure others know about and don’t forget? (person, event, cultural development, trend, ___?)

I want others to know that Black trans people have been here since the beginning. We were at the spark of the modern LGBT movement and we’ve been here since the beginning of time.


How to connect and learn more about Tiq Milan:

Tiq Milan, writer, public speaker and advocate

New York, NY


Twitter: @themrmilan

Instagram: @themrmilan


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