Tona Brown


1.For people who don’t already know you, please share a little about yourself, your work, and/or your activism.

My name is Tona Brown a violinist, opera singer and advocate for transgender equality and visibility.   I am known by most for being transgender woman of color to headline at Carnegie Hall and to perform for a sitting president.   I am also a founder of Aida Studios a small business that teaches private lessons to Northern Virginia residents and produces events.


2. Many things shape who we are. What is one person or event or experience that has empowered you?

The person that empowered me to be free and to live in my truth was my mother.  She was my best friend and biggest fan.  She did all she could to protect me from the ways of the world and wanted to make sure that I had a good self esteem and skills to cope with what was to come.  Because of her I am a very strong woman.


3. What is a piece of Black Trans History that you want to make sure others know about and don’t forget? (person, event, cultural development, trend, ___?)

I would like people to know that performing at Carnegie Hall and for the President of the United States is important.  For the first time in history our community can say that we CAN do anything we put our mind to and dream of.  By performing at Carnegie Hall (one of the most prestigious concert halls in our country) we let the world know that anything is possible with a dream and hard work.  By singing for the President of the United States our community knows that the skies are truly the limit!  I want my community to dream BIGGER!  I want our community to have PRIDE and being a TRANSGENDER woman.


How to connect and learn more about Tona Brown:

Tona Brown

Alexandria, Virginia

Twitter: @tonacity

Instagram: Tonacity


Youtube: Tonacity Channel or Conversations with Tona Brown


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