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  • Radical Relievers

    How to Find the Radical Relievers in a World of Hurt November 20, 2015 Katie Taylor This week has been hard.  Syrian refugees, Paris under attack and in my trans world, I’ve been preparing to commemorate Transgender Day of Remembrance so I’ve been reading stories about those of us who didn’t survive on top of […]

  • Day 19 – Support people around Transgender Day of Remembrance

    #30DaysOfAction . This weekend many communities will be holding TDOR and/or Trans March of Resilience events. TDOR is hard for many people. While some are comforted and feel supported by gathering together to mourn those who had their lives taken by anti-transgender violence, others feel more painful emotions.  For many, being reminded of this severity […]

  • Day 18 – Stop and Frisk

    #30DaysOfAction Know about and Oppose Stop and Frisk laws and practices Stop and Frisk is still happening!  Trans people, and trans and gender-nonconforming people of color particularly, are being targeted by police for “acting suspicious” as police justification for stopping and frisking their bodies.  According to a study conducted by Make the Road, “Fifty-nine percent […]

  • Day 17 – Support homeless trans people

    #30DaysOfAction Support Homeless Trans People Homelessness is a trans issue.  1 in 5 trans have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives because they were transgender or gender non-conforming. Many trans people who attempt to access shelter are denied, assaulted, or discriminated against. The 2011 Injustice At Every Turn report noted that, “Respondents who […]

  • Day 16 – Decrease Body Stigma

    #30DaysOfAction Increase Self Love One way we can decrease violence against trans, gender non-conforming and gender non-binary people is to encourage ourselves and each other to radically and unapologetically LOVE our bodies.  Trans and gender non-binary people are saturated with messages that our bodies are not whole, handsome, beautiful, just the way they are.  Trans […]

  • Day 15 – Free cell phone

    #30DaysOfAction SafeLink – Free Cell Phone As we all know, cell phones are becoming more and more important for people to have in order to keep up with the way the world is shifting:  applying for jobs, daycare emergencies, contacting family and friends, managing medical and other appointments, etc.  Because many trans and gender non-conforming […]

  • Day 14 – Companion App

    #30DaysOfAction Walking Home Companion Until we live in a world that is safe from trans and gender non-conforming street harassment/violence, we will need a few tools to help us feel safer.  Thanks to CompanionApp, you will, as they advertise, “never walk home alone again.”  Companion is a FREE app that is available for both iPhones […]

  • Day 13 – Vote and help other trans people vote

    #30DaysOfAction Vote and help other trans people vote Because of ID issues and fears of encountering discrimination at the polls, many trans people do not vote. Yet it is elected officials who make the laws and set up the programs that can either help or hurt all aspects of trans lives. In 2016, voting will […]

  • Day 12 – Help a sex worker improve their employment opportunities

    #30DaysOfAction Help a current or former sex worker improve their employment opportunities. Engaging in sex work or survival sex increases not only a trans person’s risks of violence on the job, but also their risk of being arrested and living with a criminal conviction, which may substantially impact their ability to be hired by employers […]

  • National Tribal College – Litigation Institute

    • Date: November 12th, 2015
    • Subjects:

    Litigating Tribal Court Protection Orders for Those Most at Risk For Victim Advocates, Advocates, and Tribal Court Advocates Learn more and Register at:—Limited-Spaces-Available-.html?soid=1115285981391&aid=AGc5ngQlIGM