Day 28 – Support Parents…

…. of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Children


The trans community has known for decades that children know their true gender very early in life; what has changed is that more parents are listening to what their children are telling them. At the same time, parents who support their children’s gender identity are under pressure from all sides, subject to everything from invasive questions and harsh judgements to charges of being child abusers for “indulging their children’s confusion.” Providing support to these parents can be very simple – and vitally important for both the child and parents/family.

  • Send thanks! If you are Facebook friends with or have the email address of a parent who is supportive of their transgender or gender non-conforming child, occasionally send a simple “thank you” note.
  • Dispel myths. If a parent you know has been told that 80% of children who say they are trans don’t turn out to be, direct them to this video that discusses where that myth came from:
  • Family acceptance saves lives. If you know a parent of a transgender child or youth, make sure they are familiar with the publications of the Family Acceptance Project (FAP). FAP has solid data and advice showing how parental support of trans children and teens significantly reduces their child’s risk of committing suicide and being a victim of violence. Family education materials are available in English, Spanish, and Chinese and address specific religious concerns such as those of Mormon parents.


Take Action!

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