Day 24 – Safer Needle Use



Many trans people have regular contact with needles – to inject hormones, silicone or other drugs.  In an ideal world, everyone would have access to free or low cost health care, a new needle for every use, and ways to construct our bodies without putting ourselves at risk for disease or excessive debt.

If you or someone you care about uses needles – for any reason – encourage them to lower their risks of infection, disease, and even death, by using a new, clean needle every time.  Some people may share bottles of injectable hormones to save money, or because they cannot access their own prescription.  If you do share, using a new separate needle for each person, for each injection will lower your risk.

Injected silicone carries a great deal of health risks, including long term chronic medical conditions,  infection, disfigurement, and migration of silicone.  If you cannot afford or cannot access other medical options for shaping your body, make sure you use a new needle for every silicone injection.

Here’s how you can take action to find needle exchanges and other information:




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