Day 23 – Food scarcity….


…, the holidays, and what that has to do with trans people

Transgender and gender non-binary people are at greater risk for poverty and homelessness and as a result, are also at greater risk for food insecurity.  Around the holidays, many trans and gender non-conforming people do not have families they can eat with and for this is more so for trans youth who may have been kicked out or thrown away from their families and are couch surfing or relying on survival sex for warm places to sleep at night.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Donate fresh food, if your local food bank accepts fresh produce and meats. Check here to find a local fresh food bank near you (or call your local food banks to see if they do because they might not be on this list!): Feeding America  If your food bank does NOT accept fresh produce and meats, etc., then donate food that is as healthy as your budget can afford – organic, fair trade and local.
  • Host and volunteer for food justice events where the proceeds benefit your local LGBT homeless youth shelters or transgender-specific organizations. It is a fantastic way to not only give back to the LGBTQ community but also how to engage others around the issues of trans and gender non-conforming food insecurities. Here are a few ways you can do this:
    • Sign up to teach food preservation or another food-related topic for a Free School and specify your audience as trans and gender non-binary folks: Free Schools are typically community-based schools where people offer their own specialties and services to others for free. To learn more, check out this article that has multiple links to locating a Free School near you (or how to start one!).
    • Hold a class on how to preserve food at your local food bank or LGBTQ Center or place of worship, etc. or offer to hold a class at someone’s home or your own home. For a small fee, folks can learn the basics of canning or some other type of food preservation with the proceeds (and the food that you preserve!) going to your local transgender organization or homeless LGBTQ youth shelter
    • Volunteer for a food justice initiative. There are many types of food justice initiatives across the country. Volunteering or donating goods is a wonderful way to broaden access to the transgender community.
    • Donate fresh food (if possible) and/or healthy food options to your local LGBTQ community center or LGBTQ youth program. (You can find a list of LGBTQ Community Centers at



Take Action!

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