Day 22 – Increase minimum wage


Support Raising the Minimum Wage to $15

How does raising the minimum wage reduce violence against transgender and gender non-conforming people?  Living in poverty, living paycheck to paycheck and being one step away from homelessness at ANY given moment, creates a desperate, constantly worrisome environment where people struggle with unthinkable choices (medication or groceries?) and are forced into having multiple jobs (sometimes working to the point of exhaustion, relying on public transportation or walking to and from work which may pose additional violence- and harassment-risks). The Working Poor, those who have multiple low-wage jobs in order to make basic ends meet, includes many trans and gender non-binary people.  [According to the 2011 National Trans Discrimination Survey, 15% of respondents reported a household income under $10,000/year, nearly four times the rate of this category for the general population.]

Because trans individuals are discriminated against in the workplace, they are at a higher risk for unemployment and/or under-employment; they are forced into working several jobs at or below minimum wage; and/or begin working in the street economy to meet their survival needs, where their risk for violence and assault increases greatly.

By providing a (more) livable wage, people can afford shelter, food, healthcare, the ability to support their children/families, and live in ways that create less stress to their emotional, physical and spiritual lives.

Here’s how you can help raise the minimum wage in YOUR area!




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