Day 16 – Decrease Body Stigma


Increase Self Love

One way we can decrease violence against trans, gender non-conforming and gender non-binary people is to encourage ourselves and each other to radically and unapologetically LOVE our bodies.  Trans and gender non-binary people are saturated with messages that our bodies are not whole, handsome, beautiful, just the way they are.  Trans people are inundated with messages that we do not meet societally defined aesthetic standards. We HIGHLY disagree.  And, we hope you do, too.  Transgender bodies are glorious, sexy, lovely, impressive, rugged, shapely and WORTHY of being loved.  So, how can you continue your body love journey or help someone begin or continue theirs?

Here are some ways:

  • Take selfies! Taking selfies, even if you never post them anywhere, can be very rewarding. Download apps that let you play with filters and light and let you be the artist in charge or go filter-free and create a folder in your phone of your self-love adventure!
  • Nurture yourself! Get a massage, manicure/pedicure, hair cut or new hair style, or some other type of grooming that you might like doing but don’t always make a lot of time for. [It doesn’t have to cost you a dime either! Connect with a friend and take turns consensually rubbing each other’s backs.]
  • Listen and interrupt your inner voice that may be telling you that you’re not worthy. What we tell ourselves makes a HUGE difference in what we believe. Take inventory of the thoughts you repeat to yourself, interrupt them and tell yourself messages of self-worth.
  • Uplift others’ body love! Help your trans friends to see their own worthiness by giving them reminder texts, emails and other types of verbal/non-verbal validation of how beautiful they are.

Some other things to think about:  Many trans people experience violence, harm, or even death, in part because some people cannot imagine, accept or celebrate the wide range of shapes, configurations and varieties of bodies.  If we can acknowledge and learn that all bodies are beautiful, that all bodies are normal and whole, that all bodies are worthy of respect and dignity, we can help shift a culture where “trans panic” is still used as defense for harming trans people.



Take Action!

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