Day 15 – Free cell phone


SafeLink – Free Cell Phone

As we all know, cell phones are becoming more and more important for people to have in order to keep up with the way the world is shifting:  applying for jobs, daycare emergencies, contacting family and friends, managing medical and other appointments, etc.  Because many trans and gender non-conforming individuals live below the poverty line, getting access to a cell phone may be difficult which increases the likelihood of their not being able to secure a job, receive important calls, address family or work business or many other day-to-day needs.  SafeLink offers free cell phones to those who qualify!

Action Steps:

  • Share this information with trans and gender non-conforming people in your life who may need it.
  • Give this information to local LGBTQ shelters and transgender organizations so that they may post fliers or circulate the information to their local trans community.
  • Add the (fairly low-cost) rates to your LGBTQ Center’s donation wish list and encourage your friends to sponsor phones for others!


Apply on the SafeLink website


Take Action!

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