Day 12 – Help a sex worker improve their employment opportunities


Help a current or former sex worker improve their employment opportunities.

Engaging in sex work or survival sex increases not only a trans person’s risks of violence on the job, but also their risk of being arrested and living with a criminal conviction, which may substantially impact their ability to be hired by employers or vote to improve rights and equality. Help a current or former transgender sex worker increase their employment opportunities:

  • Sign the petition. Ban The Box is a national coalition that is encouraging employers to make it easier for people who have done their time to get a job by not asking job applicants if they have a previous conviction. Sign their petition and/or keep up with their work at
  • Arrange for a paid internship for a former sex worker, or help support them while they work an unpaid internship. Internships can lead directly to paying jobs and indirectly help by introducing people to contacts and giving them work credentials.
  • Take a trans person who is looking to increase their employment opportunities on a shopping trip to buy interview clothes.
  • Support a trans person in creating resumes, cover letters, and applying for jobs.


Take Action!

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