FREE COURAGE Fundraiser tickets

FORGE is donating 15 FREE tickets to the November 6, 2015 COURAGE fundraiser to support homeless Trans and LGBQ youth @ Pathfinders. Individuals wanting to bring their positive energy and support to this event are encouraged to drop us a note to get in queue for a free ticket (and a bit extra to tip performers). Please put COURAGE in the subject line.

Pathfinders has a long history of serving Trans and LGBQ youth – and they do a fantastic job. Attending this fundraiser, showing your commitment to Trans and LGBQ youth, tipping performers, bringing clothes to donate to youth, and participating in the silent auction all send the message to trans and LGBQ youth that you care.

All proceeds from tickets, tips, and everything else will be donated to Pathfinders.


See the Facebook event for more details about the evening: