Oppose AB 469

Wisconsin legislators are attempting to take away the federally protected rights (Title IX) of trans students to use the bathroom and changing facility that aligns with their gender.

Assembly Bill 469 was introduced last week and there will be a public hearing in Madison.

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More about the hearing

More information about the hearing on AB 469 (from GSAFE):

  • [The date will be confirmed 24 hours prior to the event.  Now, tentatively scheduled for 11/19/15.]
  • The hearing starts at 10AM in 417 North, Madison, WI
  • Up first will be the bill’s author and then invited speakers (those asked to speak by the author). Then it will open up for public commentary. No idea when the public commentary will start – there is another bill up for consideration as well, but doesn’t look to be contentious. It could be a long day.
  • If you speak, we encourage you to share your personal story. Knowing how this bill affects real students and families will help inform legislators. Sharing whatever you are comfortable with – personal stories, family photos etc – will help bring real faces and names to the issue. Banners and signs that you can hold are not allowed at the hearing.
  • Use this as a positive opportunity to educate legislators and media covering the hearing about trans youth. We know that many legislators are still trying to learn about the issue and we can make sure they get positive, accurate information about our trans youth.
  • We do not want to start or engage in any protest at the hearing as it will become counter productive at this particular hearing.
  • Even if you don’t want to testify you can register your opposition to the bill.