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  • We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby! Trans Policy Advances

    • Date: March 1st, 2015
    • Subjects:

    Federal, state and local laws and policies affecting trans* people are changing nearly daily. This workshop will review a dozen areas where we’ve seen improvements in the past four years. Presenter: michael munson For SHEBA, a program of Diverse and Resilient in Milwaukee, WI

  • FAQ: Maslow’s Hierarchy

    Psychologist Abraham Maslow taught us that human needs can be arranged in a hierarchy in which the most basic (finding food, sleeping) must be met before we can address more advanced needs such as self-esteem and creativity. This FAQ addresses why transgender survivors of violence may be more concerned about issues other than addressing the […]

  • 2015 Changes in Local Programming

    For 20 years, a staple of FORGE’s local programming has been hosting monthly social support, discussion-oriented meetings. Times have changed. Peoples’ needs have changed. Access to resources have changed. FORGE has grown and changed. In 2015, we will continue with the trend you likely saw in 2014 — a shift towards more formal programming. You […]

  • Open discussion: Passing the torch

    March 1, 2015 [Milwaukee, WI]  We recognize that many of you count on open discussion and support every month from FORGE. As we transition away from providing this core service, FORGE Fellow Natalie Miller has stepped up to fill this gap. Join Natalie at 6:00pm (prior to monthly meetings) for connection, support, and free form […]