Free Book! Manning Up

Attend the Saturday, March 7, 2015’s Black Trans Panel and pick up your free copy of Transgress Press book MANNING UP: Transsexual Men on Finding Brotherhood, Family & Themselves. Read it and attend the March 28, 2015 monthly meeting, where managing editor of Transgress Press, Trystan Cotten, will be present to speak about publishing, writing, leadership, and his creative vision.   Joining Trystan will be authors who will read from their work published in Transgress Press books.

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1. Receive your free book! Come to the March 7, 2015 meeting to receive your free copy of the book! [If you can’t make it, fill out the form below.]

2. Read, think, enjoy, share “Manning Up”

3. Attend the March 28, 2015 meeting to hear Transgress Press Managing Editor Trystan Cotten speak and discuss this and other books.

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