Your voice counts!

If you were to dream big and be able to design services, events, and programs for the trans*/non-binary/SOFFA community that would also specifically meet your needs and goals, what features would you most like to see?

Share your ideas: take the survey if you live in Wisconsin or northern Illinois!

We particularly encourage the following “types” of people to answer the online survey:

  • People who have come to FORGE support meetings (or other events) in the past but are no longer attending
  • People who view themselves as part of the trans*/non-binary/SOFFA community and who have never attended FORGE meetings
  • People who aren’t sure FORGE meetings would meet their needs, but are looking for support or connection
  • People whose lives are the embodiment of non-dominant paradigms, whose identities and experiences are complex and intricate or often misunderstood or mis-represented
  • Partners, parents, family members, friends, and others who comprise the trans* community, whose voices are often not heard


Do you see yourself in this word cloud? — If yes, we’d like to hear from you.  If not, we also want to hear from you (so your voice, identity and experience can be added).

The anonymous survey responses will help shape not just FORGE’s 2015 programming, but will influence programming throughout the upper Midwest as we share the results with other LGBTQ organizations throughout Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa who are part of PFUND’s QReach initiative.  (Survey data will also be available online later this fall.)

The survey will be open until September 12, 2014 — so respond today!