Give Out Day 2014!

It’s Give Out Day again on May 15, 2014 — a day devoted to supporting LGBTQ organizations.

You can make a difference in the lives of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals and loved ones by making a donation to FORGE during this short 24 hour window of unprecedented giving.

Learn more about FORGE by going to our Give Out Day page  Click through on topics that interest you and see what great work has been done just over this past year!

An anonymous donor has offered a match amount of $3,600 — so every dollar you contribute will be doubled!

Show your commitment to transgender/gender non-conforming individuals and loved s through Give OUT Day, and help sustain FORGE’s work, which contributes to the healing and empowerment of trans* individuals, survivors of violence, and trans-elders and loved ones across the country (as well as support for the providers who serve the trans* community).