ESPAVO Washington, DC Photo Shoot

About the Espavo Project

The ESPAVO Project is a photographic and narrative project designed to increase personal healing and empowerment for trans* and gender non-conforming individuals and loved ones who have experienced sexual violence, as well as offering strength and hope to the community.

Participants work with a professional photographer FORGE has screened to develop a series of portraits aimed at showcasing the person’s “survivorship.”  Participants will receive a frameable copy of their favorite portrait.  Participants can also have a personal statement (we’ll help you write it if you want) affixed to their portrait and/or have it included in an online and/or traveling FORGE Espavo Project gallery to inspire others.  Photographs will be taken at specific trans conferences and events, and/or in cities where both those wanting to participate and FORGE photographers live or travel.

Photo Opportunities this November 15-16, 2013 in the Washington, DC area!

Photographer Dan Mouer will join forces with FORGE staff in Bethesda, MD on November 15, 2013 (2:00pm – 9:00pm) and November 16, 2013 (10:00am – 3:00pm).  You won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity with an amazing, sensitive photographer.
Eventbrite - ESPAVO Project // Bethesda, MD

Shoot details

Each session is scheduled for 60 minutes. It begins by completing a photo release form that includes your contact information and how you would like your image used (or not used). The photographer — Dan Mouer — will talk with you for a few minutes about what you would like, determine any boundaries, and help you feel more comfortable before beginning to take photographs.

Who is the photographer?

Dan-Mouer_Self_5-1-09-smallAfter a successful career as an anthropologist, archaeologist and university professor, Dan took his life-long hobby as a photographer-artist to be his post-retirement “career.” Dan shares his skills and talents in service to a variety of noble causes and non-profit organizations. Of particular interest to Dan are efforts to reduce or offset violence in the world, from veterans’ causes to those designed to alleviate suffering from domestic violence and bullying. As a speaker, workshop coordinator, writer, artist, and “unreconstructed flower child,” Dan is devoted to spreading peace and diminishing pain.

Dan’s spouse for more than three decades is a transman, and so it is natural that he has found himself serving as an advocate for transgender persons, their partners and families. While some of Dan’s activities are forms of political activism, he feels more at home as an educator with a mission to eradicate the pain that comes from ignorance about and intolerance of gender variance. You can find examples of Dan’s photography, mixed-media works and printmaking here:

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Eventbrite - ESPAVO Project // Bethesda, MD

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Feel free to contact FORGE staff michael munson at tgwarrior [at] forge-forward [dot] org with any questions.