Valentine Road: Resources for viewers

valentine_roadAs part of National Bullying Prevention Month, HBO will be airing Valentine Road, on Monday, October 7, 2013.  This heartbreaking documentary depicts the 2008 murder of gender non-conforming 8th grader Larry King, weaving multiple story lines leading up to King’s death and beyond it.

Filmmaker Marta Cunningham connects the viewer with reflections, memories, and opinions of family members, school staff, friends, lawyers and law enforcement, and jurors.  She presents stories and facts from people who were closely connected to King, as well as those who were aligned with Brandon McInerney (the 14 year old who shot and killed King in their school’s computer lab).

The film explores issues of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, homophobia and transphobia, racism, gun violence, child abuse and neglect, alcohol and drug use and abuse, family violence, the criminal justice system, and the role of adults in young people’s lives.

The film is graphic, raw, unsettling, and painful — as well as effective in sharpening viewers’ opinions and questions about these issues, and spurring on action.

To support those who watch the film, FORGE has created three handouts:

Valentine Road: Trans/LGBQ youth and violence

This 2-page document highlights facts and statistics related to anti-LGBT youth violence. Additionally, it offers resources for youth and suggests articles and publications that can encourage anti-bullying/pro-diversity outcomes in schools.

A Quick Reference Guide for Teachers Screening Valentine Road

A similar handout that shares facts, resources, and how to recognize trauma in students who view the film.  (Resources are specific to Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Valentine Road: Reflections in the mirror?

A short resource for trans*, gender non-conforming and LGBQ students. (Resources are specific to Milwaukee, Wisconsin)


Valentine Road will air on HBO on Monday, October 7, 2013 at 9:00pm Eastern.

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