[Milwaukee] Vigil for Evon Young

Evon Young’s family is holding a vigil today – January 29, 2013.  Show your support for his family and community by attending this evening’s 7:00pm vigil at 52nd and Custer. [map]

Evon Young, 22, also known as the rapper “Yung LT,” disappeared on January 1, 2013 and is believed to have been killed by acquaintances in gang-related violence.  The Milwaukee police have arrested five men in connection with Young’s disappearance.  The Milwaukee District Attorney’s office has filed first-degree homicide charges against the accused.

For more details about the events surrounding Evon Young’s death, please see the excellent Wisconsin Gazette article recapping the information currently available.

If you have a FORGE t-shirt, please consider wearing it to tonight’s vigil, so we can help provide visual cues of solidarity and community.

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