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  • [Milwaukee] Vigil for Evon Young

    Evon Young’s family is holding a vigil today – January 29, 2013.  Show your support for his family and community by attending this evening’s 7:00pm vigil at 52nd and Custer. [map] Evon Young, 22, also known as the rapper “Yung LT,” disappeared on January 1, 2013 and is believed to have been killed by acquaintances […]

  • [Milwaukee] Homicide of Evon Young

    FORGE has learned of the death of Milwaukee-based rapper Evon Young, age 22.  Young was reported missing by his mother Annette Cross-Perry on January 2, 2013. Five people have been charged in connection with Young’s disappearance and murder.  Two have been charged with first degree intentional homicide, and the three others with substantial battery.  Police […]

  • From Trauma to Triumph: Making Good Meanings

    • Date: January 23rd, 2013
    • Subjects:

    A workshop at Creating Change Description: Our community experiences trauma in a myriad of ways, from higher child abuse rates to hate crimes, from having others vote away our rights to microaggressions. We’ll talk about how this trauma hampers organizing both individually and collectively, causing mental, physical, and interpersonal problems and creating cynicism, blaming, […]

  • Improving the Lives of Transgender Older Adults

    • Date: January 23rd, 2013
    • Subjects:

    A workshop at Creating Change Description: Transgender older adults are affected by a range of federal, state and local policy and program inequities, including lack of inclusion in federal data collection, lack of recognition in the Older Americans Act, lack of public funding for services and programs, discrimination, and more. This interactive worship will highlight […]

  • Webinar: Creating a Trans-Welcoming Environment

    Free monthly webinars to help victim service providers better serve transgender and gender non-conforming clients/survivors. Have you registered for the February 14, 2013 webinar on Creating a Trans-Welcoming Environment? (noon-1:30 Pacific, 1-2:30pm Mountain, 2-3:30pm Central, 3-4:30pm Eastern) It’s free and easy. Go to Description: Creating a trans-welcoming environment involves more than an agency checking […]

  • Gearbits – January 2013

    The latest version of Gearbits is now available.  Topics include: January support meeting: Film (The Aggressives)   View archive:  

  • Safety Planning Tool

    This safety planning tool can be used used as a guide for trans people, by friends/peers, and by professionals who are helping a transgender person consider safety options while living in an abusive relationship or planning to leave one.

  • Webinar: Safety Planning

    There is still time to register for the January 10, 2013 webinar on Safety Planning with Transgender Clients. January 10, 2013 (noon-1:30 Pacific, 1-2:30pm Mountain, 2-3:30pm Central, 3-4:30pm Eastern) Click here to register: …for more information, view the event details. Description: Individuals who are in an abusive relationship benefit from the support of professionals […]

  • FAQ: Safety Planning with Transgender Clients

    Safety planning for transgender and gender non-conforming survivors isn’t markedly different from safety planning with other survivors, but trans people may need to hear about it from a wider range of providers.  This FAQ outlines the major safety planning factors trans people need to hear about and lists some trans-specific items and considerations that should […]

  • Thank you!

    FORGE would like to thank everyone who helped make 2012 a banner year for transgender and SOFFA rights and advancements.  Everyone who has done their part by coming out (even to one person), by writing a letter, by talking to a legislator, by blogging, by financially supporting a transgender organization, by supporting other trans/SOFFA individuals, […]