Transgender Workplace Resources

Selected and Annotated for 2012 Milwaukee Equality Business Luncheon


  • “Transgender Employees Now Protected By Anti-Discrimination Law After ‘Landmark’ EEOC Ruling”

April 24, 2012 Huffington Post

  • “Guidance Regarding the Employment of Transgender Individuals in the Federal Workplace”

U.S. Office of Personnel Management  — webpage with links

Note:  These are model policies that would be a good guide for private employers.

  • “Transgender-Inclusive Health Care Coverage and the Corporate Equality Index”

Human Rights Campaign – 18-page downloadable report

Note:  As of the 2012 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) report, “80 percent — or 507 Fortune-ranked, AmLaw-ranked and other major employers — include gender identity in their non-discrimination policies. Furthermore, 66 percent offer robust diversity and inclusion programs that specifically include training on gender identity and transgender diversity with many of these also equipping managers with “gender transition guidelines,” a set of considerations and protocols for transitioning employees. A record 208 major employers reported the adoption of these guidelines in the 2012 CEI. For many employers, a natural extension of these inclusion efforts is to examine their health insurance offerings to provide transgender-inclusive health care benefits….The following document is a primer on transgender-inclusive health care coverage, including relevant concepts and vocabulary as well as specific guidance on meeting the CEI criteria.”


  • “Know Your Rights: Employment Discrimination and Transgender People”

National Center for Transgender Equality – 4-page downloadable fact sheet

Note:  Although this is written for transgender workers, this is the most up-to-date discussion of the laws regarding transgender discrimination in the workplace.


  • “Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace, 2nd Edition”

Human Rights Campaign – 68-page downloadable report

Note:  Although this was published in 2008 and there have been significant legal developments since then, this remains a good resource for employers.


You can download a PDF copy of this resource here: Transgender Employment Resources – 2012