A8 Missed Opportunities

Safety: Assignment 8

Missed Opportunities



A8 Worksheet Missed Opportunities



Better safe than sorry? What do we miss out on because we are trying to be so “safe” all the time?  If we fear violence at every turn, what opportunities are we also avoiding in the process of trying to keep ourselves “safe?”    On the left side of the page, write a sentence or two about an action you took that made you feel safer.  On the right side of the page, reflect on some of the possible things you may have missed out on as a result.



CONSIDER venturing out into (safe) territory that at some point felt unsafe.  For example, if it felt unsafe to go to a public park, consider calling a friend and having a picnic in a park you frequently drive by and have always wanted to enjoy in person.  Another example might be to introduce yourself on a listserv you have been “lurking” on for months.


Time needed:

15-20 minutes + “Challenge” time, if you take this opportunity


Materials needed: