A7 Reality Check

Safety: Assignment 7

Reality Check



A7_Worksheet Reality Check



Part 1: Using the worksheet “Reality Check,” think about when others led you to believe it was safe, when it really wasn’t.  In the circle in the middle of the worksheet, write what others indicated was safe.  In the area around the circle, write about why and how you knew it wasn’t safe, or a synopsis of what it was like to later learn they were incorrect and/or misled you. 

If you are drawn to several ideas of what others led you to believe was safe, but wasn’t, repeat this exercise as many times as you need.


Part 2: Aftercare.

This exercise may have been particularly challenging. As with any exercise (or other component of life!), make the time to take care of yourself.  Consider…

  • Journaling
  • Going for a walk or run
  • Spending time in nature
  • Taking a hot bath or shower
  • Writing a letter to the person who misled you
  • Writing a letter to yourself on what you learned from this
  • Making some comfort food
  • Calling your best friend


Time needed:

15-20 minutes for worksheet. 15-60 minutes for aftercare.


Materials needed: